Azure Certified

Microsoft Azure is the second most popular cloud platform worldwide after Amazon’s AWS. However, our subjective impression is that Azure is the most used cloud solution in our environment.

To be able to offer our customers the best service, we have taken this extensive product on board: Our Raphael is working on the following certificates

  • “Azure Fundamentals” (AZ-900)
  • “Microsoft Azure IoT Developer” (AZ-220)

He has already successfully passed the former, and is currently working on the certificate as “IoT Developer”.

With the knowledge he has gained, we can build complete IoT solutions in the Azure cloud, evaluate the data of your machines and finally gain insights that can give you the decisive advantage over your competitors.

As an independent solution provider, we are not limited to Azure. We are also happy to work with AWS, the open source projects of Eclipse, which are used in the Bosch IoT solution or any other solution.