Natives Project

Every modern product needs software. It is often the software that determines commercial success.

Native Project means: You have the idea and we are your software department.

Natives as Software Department

You have a product idea but…

  • Missing know-how?
  • Too little manpower?
  • No software department at all?

Get Software Natives on board!

Together with you, the Software Natives, with a lot of experience and enthusiasm, work out target-oriented solutions. Projects are implemented using agile methods: This reduces costs and minimizes your risks.

Software projects are as diverse as life itself…

The Software Natives cover a broad spectrum of technologies. Each project is individual, so an e-mail or phone call provides quick and early clarity.

The Software Natives feel at home with these technologies:

Apps (Web / Smartphone)

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  • Business apps for the optimization of workflows within your company
  • Consumer apps for optimal customer retention
  • Modern HTML5 HMI for controlling your machine via touch screen, smartphone and tablet – all with the same software

Windows / Linux

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  • Classic Desktop Linux/Windows Applications (C++/C#/Java)
  • Embedded Linux C/C++ projects, possibly with real-time requirements
  • Software with communication requirements::
    • Web technologies (REST, HTTP(S), WebSockets, Tcp/Ip, …)
    • Interprocess & Network (Named Pipes, Tcp/Ip, Protocol Buffers, …)
    • Communication with embedded systems (RS232, UDP, Tcp/Ip, …)

IoT / Industry 4.0

+ Details
  • Recording machine data
  • Collect customer data
  • Save data: In the “public” cloud or in the “private” cloud (on your own on-premises server)
  • Data analytics

Industrial Automation

+ Details
  • HMI for (industrial) machines
  • Software for (industrial) machines with or without fieldbus
  • Porting an existing control system to a modern one
  • Software for Indel AG automation systems
  • Software for (industrial) machines with “special requirements”:
    • Real-time processes
    • Especially high fieldbus frequencies (e.g. 16kHz)
    • Especially high fieldbus bandwidth (1GBit/s)
    • Especially flexible: with customer-specific electronics on the fieldbus
    • Especially many coupled axes

Do you have any questions or would you like to discuss a project without obligation? We look forward to hearing from you!